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Membership Benefits


Membership entitles you to three carefully chosen collections of the best of Mama Ganache.


All members get a 10% discount on all purchases, an invitation to our monthly pick-up parties, and a substantial discount on Chef Tom's Master Chocolatier Classes.


Full membership = over a pound of chocolate (yes, that's a lot!) in each pick-up -  at about 15% off retail value.

Half membership =  half a pound of chocolate + all the other benefits

Choose how frequently to pick up your collections: every month for three months in a row, every other month for six months, or seasonally, in December, February and May.

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No product

The Classic Club is aimed at Mama Ganache chocolate lovers who can't get enough of our long-time favorites: barks, truffles, cremes, peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, SLOChews and caramels.

Full membership @  $40 per pick-up  =  over a pound of Mama Ganache favorites.

Half membership  - $25/pick-up =  more than half a pound of chocolate.


Want all dark, milk  or vegan chocolate? This is the club to join if you want to specify what comes in your bag.

The Bean-to-Bar Club is for the more adventurous. Each month, Chef Tom chooses two of our small batch, limited edition, single source, bean-to-bar chocolates, and uses them to create two new truffles to pair perfectly with two local wines.
 A Full Bean-to-Bar membership - $50 per pick-up  -  gets you something like a box of the new truffles, two bags of chips, some nibs, a set of mendiant bars, and tasting notes with recommendations for pairings. Half Membership @ $30/pick-up = half the chocolate.
Tom's new truffles and the wines they were designed  for are shared at our pick-up parties, second Fridays, between 5 and 7 pm.  Join us! Pick-up parties are open to the public.

All members get 10% off any purchases and a surprise gift in every bag!

Call Cindy at (805)782-9868 to specify vegan, all dark, nut or gluten free selections.

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