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Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates is a small family-run chocolate business located at 1445 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo, CA, just off the freeway, and four doors down from Splash Cafe. Always dedicated to offering high quality, ethically sourced and produced chocolates, Mama Ganache maintained Fair Trade and Organic certifications until 2016. Although we no longer carry the certification, our products are the same: organic, fair trade or directly sourced. 


Originally founded by former Cal Poly Food Science Instructor, Chef Tom Neuhaus and his wife Eve, Mama Ganache is now under the ownership of the Taylor Family, owners of Stafford’s Chocolates in Porterville and Swedish Candy Factory in Solvang, California. The Taylors are continuing the Mama Ganache tradition of producing only the finest organic, fair-trade chocolates, including vegan friendly and soy free options. Chef Ben Taylor, 2016 graduate of the International Culinary Center in San Francisco, makes his own chocolate from single source beans grown around the world and obtained through direct trade in the kitchen of Mama Ganache in San Luis Obispo.


In addition to offering the finest organic chocolates here in the U.S., the Taylor Family and Mama Ganache support the mission of “Project Hope & Fairness”, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting cocoa farmers in utilizing the cocoa they grow in their own backyard in the world market.  This organization was founded by Chef Tom in 2006. To date, PH&F has purchased equipment needed to process cocoa and rice in Depa on the Ivory Coast, provided marketing assistance and generally supported these communities, with a goal to eventually provide cocoa processing equipment for seven villages in West Africa.  For more information about PH&F, and to support their efforts, please visit their website at Project Hope and Fairness. 

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