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I am kamely smith, I am working as a technical expert related to chimes .The Chime blogs entity is an independent provider of technical and non-technical support dedicated to fixing all Chime debit card, direct deposit, payment, and refund related issues. We have a dedicated support staff that is on hand 24/7 to assist you in any problem you might encounter with your Chime account. Using a linked bank account first allow you" how to send money from chime to cash app ' , then transfer it to the cash app wallet later. To transfer money between cash app and chime , user must first send money to a bank account linked to their app ,then add that money to their chime account .Thus, users can transfer and receive money between cash app and chime using a bank account. Is that right? Nope ! you couldn't be more wrong if you thought that a separate bank account was required for transactions from chime to cash app . Read More chime phone number how to close chime account Read More :

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