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Online Fax -- Helping energy auditors send documents and go green

With rising oil prices and increased fears of environmental damage, many Americans are taking measures to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

From augmenting insulation and sealing windows to installing solar panels and updating furnaces, home improvement geared at greening homes is on the rise, according to Bloomberg.

This has led to a growing segment of home energy auditors who visit homes to educate owners on tactics that can make their homes more energy efficient.

Inspectors are highly trained to spot sources of concern in homes of all types. Naturally, this takes them to scores of different homes each month.

For energy auditors, being able to recognize problematic sources of energy loss, suggest a route toward resolution and communicating these methods is crucial - but it is not easy. With complicated equipment and dense reports, many of these professionals find it difficult to convey their findings to homeowners.

A major reason is that many of these forms are traditionally delivered via fax, either because they require signatures or contain sensitive information. Although this is often in the best interest of the homeowners or the utility companies, it can make it difficult for the auditors.

One way these professionals are finding to show how do i fax from my iphone, avoid the hassles of relying on a fax machine is to use internet faxing. This service allows auditors to send and receive faxes even if they are busy visiting houses.

Using online fax to help manage the lunch rush

One of the fastest-growing trends in dining is customers placing their orders by fax. Many large businesses find this is a great way for many employees to order at once and to avoid miscommunications that can plague telephone orders. It is also helpful for restaurants, as they don't need to be as diligent about manning the phones.

Ordering via fax allows people to make detailed comments along with their orders, as well as provide written instructions about allergies or other dietary restrictions. For offices or organizations that need to order lunch for a large group, filling out a physical order form can make the process a lot easier. As the menu makes its way around the office, employees can add their own choices, which can save time and confusion.

Restaurants that adopt this option for their customers are likely to find that they have more orders coming in. Despite this, some of them may find it a hassle to purchase and maintain a fax machine in order to reap the benefits. Fax machines can be bulky as well as expensive to support.

However, with internet faxing, this doesn't have to be the case. Restaurants can use this service to have faxed order forms sent to their email accounts. This way, they can view requests on their computers and print out only what they need. This not only negates the need to buy a fax machine, but also saves money on paper, ink and toner.

Food establishments that incorporate online faxing may find that they can more easily manage the lunch and dinner rushes. Instead of hurriedly taking notes while on the phone - and almost inevitably including some errors in their transcriptions - restaurant employees can simply look at the order form.

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